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[Last update September 8th, 2009]

This website is for the purpose of bringing people
together who have an interest in Military and Tactical
Communications equipment and techniques.


















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Bill Moyers, on the subject of
"Secret Government":










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Search for weapons of mass destruction





Are you curious about the current national debt

Did you know that U.S. paper currency
(Federal Reserve Notes)  are actually bearer's
bonds (IOU's) that are no longer redeemable in
"lawful money"?

Have you ever wondered what the Federal Reserve
actually is? (It is actually a consortium of
commercial banks, authorized by Congress to act
as the Central Bank of the United States.)

The Federal Reserve, better known as "The Fed",
is not an agency or department of the Federal Government...







Current Geomagnetic Information:

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

Current "Critical Frequency" info

From: Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA


NAVIGATOR  4.0+, OR INTERNET EXPLORER 5.0+. A good-quality
sound-card is also recommended.

For the best, in-depth,  news analysis, and behind the scenes research regarding
the world's Geopolitical, and Geo-economic events, visit and subscribe to Stratfor.
Simply click their logo. I subscribed to their service in June, 2001, 
and am very impressed with their analysis of world events...



NOTE!! -> Click on the "Late-breaking Info" button to see the
latest changes that have been made to this site. 

Greetings from Patricia Gibbons - WA6UBE.

Visitors here are into communications professionally, or are hobbyists
who enjoy rugged, reliable, and dependable equipment of all sorts.
You are welcome to submit articles and photos for publication
on this site. E-Mail me at: wa6ube at arrl dot net 

Tactical Link Systems is dedicated to the
following missions:

bulletTo provide technical discussion areas for the Professional,  and Hobbyist,  
related to Tactical Communications Equipment Deployment and use.

bulletThe intent of this site is to fulfill a specific need in a niche-market 
applicable to both the Public-Safety/Local-Government, and the
Military/Special-Ops Communications Professions.


This site covers the topics of:

bullet"Near Vertical Incidence Skywave" (NVIS),

bulletAutomatic Link Establishment (ALE),

bulletMilitary Radio Collecting, Restoring, and Operation.

There are areas in this site for both the Communications Professional and Hobbyist.

Contact Information:

Patricia Gibbons, WA6UBE, has over 30 years of experience in the land-mobile-radio
field, and has also been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1963.

She brings many years of experience in the areas of deployable HF/VHF/UHF
Communications Equipment to you, the Professional and Hobbyist. 

Carla Satra has a quarter-century of experience in mechanical fabrication and development.









Visitors to this page can reach us via the following means:

(If we are busy, please leave a voice-mail message)
Note that the voicemail message you may hear is for the purpose of
discouraging telemarketers.
Electronic mail
General Information: carla@tactical-link.com
Customer Support: wa6ube at arrl dot net
Webmaster: wa6ube at arrl dot net




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